There is beauty in SIMPLICITY – singularity in DIVERSITY – and honesty in QUALITY


Make Your Jewel aspires to make each and every woman feel as unique as the piece of jewelry she creates with us. Love, precision and craftsmanship are our greatest sources of inspiration.
Every piece of jewelry you will create with us will become a story to tell, your story.
Our feminine, fabulous and chic designs that combine traditional Milanese style with a touch of color and eccentricity will become a staple in your everyday wardrobe. With sustainability near and dear to our hearts, our products are shipped in packaging made from all natural materials, along with a call to action to help save the planet.
The Make Your Jewel wearer is a feminine, confident, independent citizen of the world that seeks accessories that highlight their own sense of style.


The Make Your Jewel logo is a unique diamond shape, created by contouring the streets that surround Milan’s fashion district.
Perfectly imperfect, this diamond embodies our brand ethos and philosophy, honoring our Milanese roots and our belief that there is beauty in simplicity – singularity in diversity – and honesty in quality.
The hand drawn line is a nod to the creative and artisanal legacy of Via Bigli
the location of our flagship store.